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    ACTIVENet Important Announcement
    March 30, 2020

    As refunds increase due to various closures, ACTIVE is adjusting our refund policies beginning Sunday, March 29, 2020. The total amount available to refund will be limited to your current unpaid remittance balance. The refund limit will be updated daily, provided that you have existing remittance balance from prior day transactions. The limit will only apply to refunds being processed for credit card, debit card, and ECP transactions. Customers are still able to refund through other means such as applying credit on customer's account or via check.
    ACTIVE understands that not all organizations will be able to refund through other means and wish to still process credit card, debit card, and ECP transactions. ACTIVE will soon be releasing a process for organizations to be able to fund their remittance balance via wire transfer for the purposes of processing any outstanding credit card refunds.
    We recommend refunding to your customers’ account or via check, rather than to credit card. Refunding to customer account can help in the following areas:
    • Time efficiency: if you are unable to mass refund due to not having enough unpaid remittance, refunding to account or by check will allow you to proceed with withdrawing people from activities and programs.   
    • Cost efficiency: refunding to account does not incur additional processing fees
    • Future customer engagement: customers will be encouraged to return to your facility when it's business as usual.
    Please review these help articles to learn how to:
    This change was not made lightly. ACTIVE made this decision to ensure we can continue to best serve our customers during COVID-19. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please connect with your Account Manager or contact ACTIVENet Support to walk you through refund options.
    Best Regards,
    Your ACTIVENet Team
    Due to workforce accommodations needed for COVID -19, there may be a delayed response to inquiries submitted to Support. We are working diligently to help all of our customers during this trying time. All Support channels will remain open at this time.
    Please click the following link for guidance and helpful articles as you work through navigating the unexpected challenges of the Coronavirus situation: Facility Closure Procedure

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