To create a new General Ledger Account in Schoolbooks, refer to the following steps:
  1. On the top toolbar, choose Maintenance
  2. Click GL Account Maintenance
  3. Top right, select + Add GL Account
  4. Input the required fields:  Account Number, Account Description, Account Type (refer to description of each account type further below)
    • Note: If you type an account number that already exist, it will pull up the account information. Please enter a different account number if this occurs.
  5. Click Submit
Account Type: Account types determine where this account will print on financial statements. Valid account types are listed below. Every GL Account is required to have an account type.
Cash AccountFor your bank accounts, certificates of deposit, petty cash account
Due to Student BodyFor your general student body fund account (equity) (Set up only one)
Expense AccountFor expenses - zeroed out at end of year
Fixed AssetFor major purchases - not expensed
Income AccountFor income - zeroed out at end of year
Liability (Current)For sales tax payable, other current payables
Other AssetFor other assets - like student store inventory
Student BodyFor class accounts - like Class of 2019 - not closed out at the end of year
Trust AccountFor club accounts, athletic accounts - not closed out at end of year