What does it do? Use Bank Deposit Entry to enter information about the bank deposits that you make to your bank accounts (as defined in Bank Account Maintenance). The deposit amount will be posted to the selected bank account and the Bank Reconciliation, and the detail amounts will be posted to the GL accounts indicated.  Schoolbooks assigns temporary numbers to your bank deposits as you enter them.  Then, when you print a journal, Schoolbooks assigns permanent numbers.
  1. From the top toolbar, click Entry
  2. Choose Bank Deposit Entry
  3. Top right, select +Add 
  4. Select the Bank Code for the deposit you are about to make.
  5. To enter a new deposit, click "#" for the new deposit number. You may not assign your own deposit number.
  6. Enter the required Deposit Date and total Amount. This amount should agree with the total shown on your deposit slip.
  7. Continue to add the details of your deposit by selecting the +Add Item at the bottom right.
    • How do I add items to my deposit? Enter a detail line for each item on your deposit ticket or summarize the transactions.  Remember:  Both the "Received from" and "Purpose" fields will be saved in your detail general ledger and will print on reports.  Try to be as detailed as possible with your descriptions.
    • Received from/Purpose:  Enter the name of the person or organization from whom you received these funds, then enter the purpose/description for these funds.
    • Reference #: This is the reference number for this detail line.  This may be used for the check number of the check you are about to deposit. If you imported from Tracks and you marked this item to "Post in Detail," Schoolbooks will load the actual Tracks receipt number for this transaction. If you imported from Tracks and you left this item marked to "Post in Summary," this field will say "MISC" because it is probably a combination of several receipts. This is an optional field; it may be left blank.
    • Account: Enter the account number for this item or use the drop-down menu. The system displays the description of this account. Schoolbooks will not allow you to enter an invalid GL Account. However, it is possible to import an invalid account from Tracks. Schoolbooks will allow you to import transactions with non-existing GL Accounts, but once you import these transactions into Bank Deposit Entry, you will see that they have an “X” on the line item.  This indicates an invalid GL Account number and Schoolbooks will not allow you to update the Bank Deposit journal until a valid GL Account number is selected.
    • Category: If you want to attach a Category Code to this transaction, enter the Category Code or choose a Category Code from the drop-down menu. For additional information regarding Category Codes, use this article: Setting up Category Codes
  8. Save & Continue to come back and finish enter your deposit at a later time. Save & Exit if you are ready to move on to the next item. 
  9. Submit once you have enter all your items and ready to print your Bank Deposit Journal.