What does it do? Schoolbooks allows you to set up Vendor records for both permanent and temporary vendors to automate your payable process. Vendors can be people, businesses, or other schools.  You can write purchase orders to vendors, receive invoices from vendors and write checks to vendors.  Schoolbooks maintains purchase order and check history detail for Vendors so you can print reports and 1099's at the end of the year.
  1. On the top toolbar, choose Maintenance
  2. Click Vendor Maintenance
  3. Top right, select + Add Vendor
  4. Enter the required Vendor Number
    • Vendor number can be up to 10 characters. Ideally, your Vendor Number should not include spaces or punctuation marks. Most users assign alphanumeric Vendor Number to their vendors. Example, ACME PLUMBING would be given the code number "ACME". You could assign the code number "3423" but it will be easier to find with the Vendor Number "ACME". All standard reports sort in Vendor Number order, so if you use a numeric Vendor Number, you may want to assign numbers accordingly.
  5. Enter the required Vendor Name.
  6. Additionally, fill out the optional fields for addresses, phone, contact information, etc.
  7. Temp Vendor: If this is a temporary vendor, check this box. If this is a permanent vendor, leave this box cleared.
    • Temporary Vendors: Disappear from the Vendor Maintenance file after you pay them, no 1099's are printed.
    • Permanent Vendors: They stay in Vendor Maintenance file all year, you write checks to them more than once or twice and want to save payment detail about them, 1099 information is maintained.
  8. 1099: If you want to print a 1099 for this vendor, check this box. If you check the box for "Include in 1099" the system will require that you an address and tax ID # for this vendor. If you do not check this box, you can still enter tax information.
    • Type: Choose "None" if you do not print a 1099 for this vendor.  Choose “Business” if this is a business with a federal tax ID number.  Choose “Individual” if this is an individual with a social security number.
    • Tax ID:  Enter the vendor's tax ID number.  If this is a business, Schoolbooks will display a mask for entry of a federal tax ID number like “33-7877544.”  If this is an individual, Schoolbooks will display a mask for entry of a social security number like “567-98-4577.”
    • Box: If applicable, enter the box number on the 1099 form for this vendor's payments. Usually this will be Box 7 - for Non-Employee Compensation.
  9. Submit.