There are three different statuses that can be set for students in Tracks: ActiveLocked, and Withdrawn. The Status that is set on the student affects how their account behaves within Tracks. By default, customers start with an Active status, but this can be easily changed, as needed.
  1. Go to Customer Customer Maintenance
  2. Click Edit next to desired student
  3. Select desired Status from drop-down menu:
    1. Active: the student has all functionality within the system
    2. Locked: no sales can be made to the student through the Workscreen or on the WebStore
      • Example: If a student loses their ID, or has it stolen, setting their Status to Locked is a way to prevent someone else from making a purchase with their ID.
    3. Withdrawn: the student is no longer at the school, so no new sales can be made, but payments on account are still accepted
  4. Click Save