When setting up a customer in Tracks, consider what type of customer they are and what the account will be used for.
  • Note: It is recommended that naming conventions are kept consistent within each Customer type. If one faculty member Username starts with “FS”, then all faculty members should start with “FS”.  Consistency makes it much easier to find records. Plan ahead and consider how the information will be retrieved from Tracks in the future (i.e. in reports). This will help in deciding on naming conventions.  ​​​​​
  1. Go to Customer > Customer Maintenance
  2. Click + Add New for new customers or Edit for existing customers
  3. Select Customer type from drop-down menu
    1. Student (default): used to track sales for students
      • Note: The recommended naming convention for Username is to use the student ID number assigned by the school or district. When student IDs are used, student information can be accessed quickly by scanning their student ID card.
      • Note: Students may be imported from an import file during Dr. Download Annual Update (once a year) or using Student Update Utility.
    2. Adult: used to track sales for adult customers that do not work for the school, such as parents or members of the community
    3. Club: represents a club or other entity associated with a GL account and can receive money through advisors for fundraisers, donations, etc.
      • Note: The recommended naming convention for Username and Last Name is to append "ZZ_" to the front of the name used. This helps to easily distinguish from other types of customers and will keep Clubs sorted separately at the bottom of the customer list.
        • Example: For the French Club - Username = ZZ_FRENCH, Last Name = ZZ_French Club
      • Note: GL Account field will only appear after Club is selected as Customer type.
    4. Faculty/Staff: used to track sales made to members of faculty and staff
      • Note: The recommended naming convention for Username is to append "FS" to the front of the faculty/staff ID to distinguish from students and keep them sorted separately. This is only recommended if faculty/staff IDs will not be scanned from bar codes.
        • Example: For a faculty/staff ID of 1235 - Username = FS1235
    5. OnlineRegistered: automatically assigned to customers created through Create WebStore Account on the WebStore
      • Note: This type cannot be selected manually and cannot be changed to a different type once created.
    6. Other: used for customers who do not fit into any of the above types
  4. Click Save or Save and Continue Edit when finished
    • Note: For new customers, additional info may be required before saving. For more info on adding a new customer, see Add New Customer