When using the Student Update Utility or running Dr. Download Annual Update, a student import file is required. This allows student data from your school or district database to be easily imported all at once instead of being entered one by one. In order for the file to import correctly, it must have the correct file formatting and column names. These requirements are listed below and can also be found on the first page of both Student Update Utility and Dr. Download Annual Update.
  1. Export student data to an Excel file (.xlsx)
  2. Assign correct column names (required fields marked with *):
    • CustNo: student ID*
    • FirstName: student first name*
    • LastName: student last name*
    • Gender: student's gender
      • Note: Format should be 'M' or 'Male' for male, 'F' or 'Female' for female, or 'O' or 'Other' for other.
    • Birthday: student's D.O.B.*
      • Note: Format should be MM/DD/YYYY.
    • Address: student's street address
    • City: student's city of residence
    • State: student's state of residence
    • Zip: student's zip code
    • Telephone: student's main contact phone number
    • Email: student's email address
    • GradeYear: student's grade level OR graduation year*
    • EmergencyPhone: phone number of emergency contact
    • PriceLevel: student's assigned price level
      • Note: Valid entries include A, B, C, D, E, or F.
    • Status: student's current status (defaults to Active if left blank)
  3. Make note whether grade level or graduation year is used for GradeYear
  4. Make note what each Status value stands for, if applicable (e.g. 'A' = Active)