MagTek card readers show the error S43 when the battery dies. The steps for fixing or replacing your card reader depend on if it is still under warranty or not.
  • Note: MagTek card readers have a two-year warranty
Card Readers Under Warranty Or With Unknown Warranty Status
  1. Locate the Serial Number on your card reader
  2. Call or email Blue Bear Support and give them the Serial Number
  3. Support will submit a request to verify the card reader's warranty status
  4. If still under warranty, you will receive an email with UPS pickup arrangements and label
  5. Prepare the card reader for pickup and make it available for the scheduled time with UPS
  6. Once the repair is complete, your card reader will be shipped back to you
  • Note: A typical warranty repair may take up to 3-4 weeks to process and return
  • Note: Repairs are done by the 3rd-party card reader company, MagTek, not Active Network
Card Readers No Longer Under Warranty
  1. Contact your account manager if you wish to replace your card reader
  2. If you wish to repair the card reader instead, contact MagTek support
    • Email
    • Phone (651) 415-6800
    • Online