Below is information on how coupon codes function with deposits and payment plans:
  • System does not apply coupon to the deposit
  • System applies coupon to remaining program balance
  • Then system automatically calculates remaining monthly payments based on discounted price
  • If a coupon is applied internally after participant registers and is on a payment plan, the system will automatically adjust remaining installments.
    • Note: Ex) Session A cost $500 and requires a $100 deposit. A customer registers for session A and also selects a 4-month payment plan. When the customer applies a $100 coupon, the customer still has to pay the $100 deposit. The coupon will be applied to the remaining $400 giving a $300 balance. The system will automatically calculate the customer's monthly payments to $75 for the next 4 installments.
    • Note: Ex) Customer registers for Session B and it costs $400. They selected a 4-month payment plan and have already paid the first month's installment. If a coupon for $150 is applied internally at this time the system will automatically calculate the next 3 payments to be $50.