The family credit balance can be used to hold funds in an account after an order is edited or cancelled to be used for future payments. If you no longer want these funds to be available to the customer and would instead prefer they be kept by the organization you can use the steps in this article to retain those funds as a non-refundable fee.

If you do not want account holders to receiving email receipts of all order adjustments see: Preventing Emails Sent to Primary Address While Editing Order
  1. Use this article to add session option(s) to order: Add or Edit Session Options in Existing Registrations
  2. On order page, click Make a payment
  3. On Review order and checkout page, choose Custom amount option
  4. Enter credit balance amount in box
  5. Check box for Use customer's available credit balance
  6. Click Complete order
  7. On order page, click Actions dropdown and choose Edit purchases
  8. Uncheck box for previously selected session option(s)
  9. In box for Charge a transfer fee (optional), enter credit balance amount to be kept
  10. Click Continue to review screen
  11. Click Submit