The internal discount report displays summary information about the number and amount of discounts that have been awarded in a given time period. The report summarizes the number of registrations that have been discounted by each particular discount, and gives the largest single instance of that discount, and the sum total of all discounts of that type awarded.

To access your internal discount report:

  1. Click Finance tab
  2. Click Reports tab
  3. Select Internal discount report 
  4. Select desired Time period
  • Note: Dates follow UTC time​​​
  1. (Optional) Select season from Season dropdown to limit results to that season
  2. Click Run report
  3. (Optional) Click Export
To view the orders/participants that took advantage of discounts/coupons, please run Financial Activity Report and follow below steps:
  1. Click Finance tab
  2. Click Reports tab
  3. Select Financial Activity
  4. Click Revenue tab
  5. Under Discounts column, click number in hyperlink next to specific season