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    Fundraising Setup
    Is your event benefitting a charity? The articles below will assist you with adding a charity, customizing your fundraising website, and basic fundraiser setup.
    Add a Charity to an Event
    Below are instructions to search for and locate a charity to include within the registration process for participant fundraising and donations.
    1. Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
    2. Choose proper Event
    3. Click Setup and proceed to step 7. Giving
    4. Select Yes for Do you want this event to support a charity?
    5. Click Add under Select your charities * 
    User-added image
    6. Enter keywords to search (based on charity name, EIN, or location)
    7. Click Search
    8. Check the box next to the desired charity
    9. Click Add 

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    Charity not Found in Fundraising Setup
    When adding a charity to an event via Fundraising, the charity locator will search all charities within the GuideStar database.

    GuideStar only lists non-profit organizations with a required Federal EIN (Employer Identification Number ) - as such, these are the only charities returned via the integrated ACTIVE Works Charity search. In other words, the list of charities are only authorized non-profit organizations found within the GuideStar database (ACTIVE's third-party partner).

    If a non-profit organization is not found via a search, then that organization needs to contact GuideStar support for assistance with registration .

    ACTIVE Network, LLC does not manage the GuideStar database and cannot assist with adding organizations. Once the charity has registered and is approved, it will then become searchable within the charity search function.

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    Set up Fundraising Using Crowdrise
    Crowdrise is a fundraising platform which can be linked to your event, allowing easy fundraising for your participants. To use Crowdrise, use these steps.

    Note: Crowdrise fundraising will only work with the new Customer User Interface
    1. Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance > select event > proceed to step 7 Fundraising
    2. Select Yes to supporting a charity
    3. Click Crowdrise
    4. Click Connect
    5. Create a new Crowdrise account or sign in
    6. Click Grant Access and you will be returned to Active Works
      • If you haven't created a Crowdrise fundraising page yet, select Create a new event and enter event name, goal, etc
      • If you have an existing Crowdrise fundraising page, select Link to an existing event and Event name field, search and select the existing event
    7. Click Add and search for the charities your event will fundraise for. Check the box next to the appropriate charity and click Add
    8. Click Save & continue

    Your Crowdrise fundraising page will be created. To access it,
    1. From the event dashboard, click Setup
    2. In the ACTIVE.com box, click the link below Your fundraising website is online!
    3. Sign in to Crowdrise in order to make changes.

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    Fundraising For Participants Who Are Under 18 Years Of Age
    At this time it is not possible for anyone under 18 years old to select the option to become a fundraiser. This is for legal reasons; a fundraiser can be held responsible for donations collected on a fundraising page.

    If a parent or legal guardian would like to register with the option to fundraise, he or she can edit the fundraising page on fundraising.active.com to include the minor's name. However, the creator and owner of the page must be over 18 years old.

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