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    You can allow participants to make edits to their registrations as well!

    By enabling this capability on step 5, participants can log in to myevents.active.com to manage their registrations.

    The articles here provide steps for your participants to make specific registration edits.
    Participants - Transfer to Another Category
    Below are instructions to transfer a participant from one category or price type to another
    1. Click event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
    2. Click Participants
    3. Search for participant
    4. Click participant name
    5. Click Actions and select Transfer to another Category
    User-added image
    1. On Transfer category page, select one desired registration category as Transfer to
      • Note: Individual participants cannot be transferred to group-registration teams
      • Note: Participants can only transfer to another Category within the event they have registered for if the organization running the event has allowed it within their event settings. 
    2. Click Next
    3. Review registration price and adjust, and/or charge a transfer fee if necessary​
    4. Update registration questions and waiver agreements as needed, click Next
    5. Enter payment information (displays if price adjustment occurred)​
      • Note: Price adjustment actions vary depending on if the price is increasing or decreasing
    6. Click Complete Transfer
      • Note: Additional purchases made during original registration are transferred to new registration
    7. Click View Registration to view participant's new registration details


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    Participant Claiming Their Registration

    If a participant was registered by someone else or entered as an offline registration by the event director, they can claim their registration by logging into http://myevents.active.com.

    Note: In order to claim the registration, the participant will need an ACTIVE.com user account and the Registration Number.
    1. Log into My Events web page at http://www.myevents.active.com
    2. Enter Registration Number
    • For example: R-0W5N86Y2
    1. Click Submit
    User-added image
    Note: Registrations for under 18s will automatically be shown in MyEvents portal of their parents who registered for them. No need to claim registrations for Under 18s".  A message "NOTE: You completed this registration on behalf of another person. The person is under 18 years old." is displayed in parent's MyEvents Portal as shown below.

    User-added image

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    Participants - Revoke Pre-Paid Invitation
    If you sent a pre-paid invitation to the incorrect email address, use the following steps to revoke the invitation 

    Note: These instructions only apply to participants registering (and managing teams) via ACTIVE Works Endurance
    1. Log in to ACTIVE.com
    2. Choose event
    3. Click Team Center
    User-added image
    1. At bottom, find TEAM MEMBERS
    2. Hover mouse over Confirmation Pending invitation that you want to revoke
    3. On right, click minus icon
    User-added image
    1. Click Revoke to confirm

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    Participants - Manage/Edit Fundraising Page - Guidestar
    Participants can only manage or edit their fundraising page if they are registered as fundraisers. Participants can follow the below steps to manage or edit their fundraising page after logging into myevents.active.com :
    1. Locate your registration
    2. Click Manage my fundraising campaign
      • ​​Note: If you do not see this option, then you are not registered as a fundraiser. You will need to contact the event director to learn how to register as a fundraiser post registration.
    3. Click Customize your website (just under your website's link)
    4. Make necessary changes
      • Note: If you need to increase your goal, and the deadline has passed, you must update your deadline before the system will allow you to update your goal 
    5. Click Save

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