Upgrades to current version of Meet Manager and Team Manager can ONLY be purchased if a team is licensed to any previous version of program
  • Note: This does NOT include Demo or Lite versions
Purchasing additional features requires having current version of program 
  • Note: Customers can upgrade along with purchasing additional features. Please follow article on Upgrade Hy-Tek Program
  • Note: Current version: Meet Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWMM 8), Team Manager for Swimming 8.0 (SWTM 8), Meet Manager for Track & Field 6.0 (TFMM 6), Team Manager for Track & Field 4.2 (TFTM 4.2) 
Customers can check what version of program and what features they have by:
  1. Clicking Help tab on Meet Manager or Team Manager
  2. Click About