Below are instructions (and files) to install a Registration Reader on a Windows computer.
  1. Connect Registration Reader to computer
  2. Select appropriate link below to download driver files
    • Windows 8: See attachment below
    • Windows 7 & below: See attachment below
Note: Recommend downloading to Desktop for easy access.
  1. From Desktop, right-click downloaded zip folder
  2. Click Extract All...
  3. Extract
  4. Click Start Menu icon
  5. Right-click Computer
  6. Click Manage
    1. Under System Tools, select Device Manager
    2. Under Ports (COM and LPT), locate IPICO DF RR with question mark or yellow exclamation symbol
Note: IPICO DF RR may be located under Other Devices
  1. Right-click IPICO DF RR 
  2. Select Update Driver Software
    1. Click Browse My Computer for Driver Software
    2. Browse
    3. Select extracted folder (Win_8_signed_driver_files or DFRRsigned)
    4. Click OK
    5. Click Next

Below are related details about the old Tag Scanner drivers, previously available in the old IPICO forum.

Click here to view IPICO DF Registration Reader Installation Instructions manual