Use Schedule Management to view, edit, or add schedules for a given organization (club) within a given year or season. Below are instructions to view Schedule Management after logging into LeagueOne.

Note: Schedules are session-specific - a schedule in the 2016 session is not visible in the 2015 session

1. Go to SCHEDULES > Manage Schedules
2. Click schedule Name to view and edit an existing schedule
3. Click Add Schedule button to create a new schedule
4. Click Copy to copy existing schedule.
5. Click Scorekeepers button to manage scorekeepers
6. Click Standings Profiles button to manage profiles that affect how standings display
7. Click Upcoming Game Reminder Profiles to send email game reminders.
8. Click Reports button to view available reports:
  • Note: Some reports are only available to clubs under certain Governing Bodies)
a. Arbiter Export: Export schedule data in Arbiter Import format
b. Coach Contacts: Staff contact list for selected teams
c. Game Allocation: Summarizes team home/away and game time assignments
d. Location Availability: List of open timeslots per location
e. Location Usage: List of allocated timeslots per location
f. Coach Conflict: The Coach Conflict Report compares all selected schedules and staff for conflicts
g. Games Report: List of all games contained in a schedule
  • Note: At the top of the schedule list you will find the website address of your organization's public schedule page.
  • Note: The public schedule page displays all publicly visible schedules.