Below are instructions to utilize the Advanced Features section of the Program Setup screen, found within the program setup process after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Navigate to Programs > Manage Registrations > Online Registration Setup 
2. Under Program Setup > Advance Features
3. Update the Manual Registration section, if needed 
           a. Check box for Allow Manual Registrations for this Program to enable the manual registration function for the program
4. Enable Override Organization Address
a. Check box to Override organization address with a new address
b. Enter New Address
5. Enter a numeric value within the Max Registrations field to change how many registrations are allowed per participant
6. Update the Age Groups section
a. Check the Use Age Group box to utilize the default age groups options (based on age and gender for team programs)
b. Check the Force Age Groups box to force all participants registering into the program into a specific age group (not permitted for event programs)
7. Update the Invitation Code section, if needed
          a. Check box that says Enable Invitation Code to restrict registration for program to only people who know the invitation code
8. Update the Event Setup section, if needed (does not apply to most organizations)
9. Update the Clinic Setup section, if needed (does not apply to most organizations)
10. Enter Minimum and Maximum Participants
11. Update the Tryout Management section, if needed (does not apply to most organizations)
12. Check box to Display Notes text area on the registration page
13. Click Save and Continue to proceed to open and close age groups