Videos for TeamPages





  • Video: TeamPages Text Messaging in Communication
    Learn how to enable text messaging and opt-in to receive text messages from your team. Message your entire team using TeamPages text messaging if you have a Pro or Allstar account.  Topics Include:...
  • Video: TeamPages New Look & Feel in TeamPages
    If you are trying one of the new TeamPages themes for the first time, this video will guide you through the changes to the look and feel of your TeamPages website.
  • Video: TeamPages Widgets in Design
    Learn about setting up your widgets on TeamPages.  Topics Include: What is a Widget: 0:13 Moving Widgets Around: 0:45 Turning Widgets On and Off: 1:12 Creating Custom Widgets: 1:27
  • Video: TeamPages Themes in TeamPages
    Learn about TeamPages themes, what makes each theme unique, and how to choose a new theme for your TeamPages website.  What is a theme: 00:13