If you noticed that your run/walk time or distance is inaccurate, please check and make sure that your GPS works well. You can turn off and turn on GPS in app and phone to fix it.

Android Devices: 
  1. Open phone Settings
  2. Press Connections
  3. Press Location
  4. Disable On
  5. Go to Apps
  6. Click 5k to 10k / Couch to 5k
  7. Press Permissions
  8. Disable Location
  9. Restart phone
  10. Open phone Settings again
  11. Press Connections
  12. Press Location
  13. Enable On
  14. Go to Apps
  15. Click 5k to 10k / Couch to 5k
  16. Press Permissions
  17. Enable Location
IOS Devices:
  1. Open phone Settings
  2. Press Privacy
  3. Press Location Services
  4. Disable Location Services
  5. Open 5k to 10k app
  6. Press Settings
  7. Press Workout Options
  8. Disable Enable GPS
  9. Restart phone
  10. Open phone Settings again
  11. Press Privacy
  12. Press Location Services
  13. Enable Location Services
  14. Click 5k to 10k / Couch to 5k
  15. Check While Using the App
  16. Open 5k to 10k
  17. Press Settings
  18. Press Workout Options
  19. Enable Enable GPS
Note: There is no need to follow steps 5,6,7,8 and 16,17,18,19 on Couch to 5k app for IOS users. 
Note: If you are running indoors on a treadmill or even on a track, our app will not be able to give you reliable distance measurements since it uses GPS to track your run assuming you were running outdoors. In addition, GPS doesn't work unless the signal is green.