If you want to register for a Flex League in your area, you can follow the steps below to complete your registration:
  1. Navigate to Flex Leagues Homepage
    • Note: If you have a login, enter credentials and proceed to step 6
  3. Enter USTA #, press tab on keyboard
    • Note: The system pre-fills your membership information. If you are not a USTA member, skip to step 5 but fill in all required fields
  4. Enter Phone number and Email address, click Next
  5. Enter Login and Password that you wish to use
  6. On the main page, click LOGIN
  7. Enter Login and Password created on step 5
  8. Click REGISTER FOR A FLEX LEAGUE to bring up search page
  9. Select options that apply
  10. Once list displays, click DETAILS to review details of league
  11. Click REGISTER to complete registration