Direct deposit transfers money into your bank account electronically. It is the fastest way to receive money from ACTIVE Network.

Check the 2024 ACH Payment Schedules below:
Weekly/Four times a month: 2024 Interim ACH Remittance Payment Schedule

Bi-monthly: 2024 Direct Deposit Remittance Payment Schedule
Monthly: 2024 CCM Monthly ACH Payment Schedule

To set up direct deposit for USD account:

User-added image

To set up direct deposit for CAD account:

        User-added image

  1. Click User-added image on top right hand side
  2. Go to Financial Settings
  3. For Issue payment as select ACH (Direct Deposit)
  4. Enter Bank Name, Routing Number/Transit Number, Account Number, and Confirm account number
    • Note: For UK banks, Routing number is the same as Sort Code
  5. Click Save
    • ​​Note: Once details have been saved, ACTIVE Network will send two micro-deposits of less than $0.25 to the account within 3-5 business days in order to validate the account
  6. Once micro-deposits have been received return to this area and enter amounts of deposits
  7. Click Validate​
    • Note: These micro-deposits are Active Network's gift to you and will not show in any future statement