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    • Release Note - May 31st, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Global discounts feature has been upgraded to allow mass import and mass management. Enhanced display of Abandoned cart notification email and Confirmation email. 
    • Published: 6/2/2022
    • Release Note - May 10th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Waiver status and Order update date had been added on to the Registrant Profile page (CRM - People). Referral rebate widget had been added on the Registrant Profile page(CRM - People).
    • Published: 5/10/2022
    • Release Note - April 19th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Enhanced the registration information display under the registrant profile page. Upgrade Email Tool for all AWE agencies, your event team are now able to drag and drop multiple widgets in one line whi...
    • Published: 4/25/2022
    • Release Note - March 29th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      When using the volume-based price schedule, you can now skip the current price tier before it is sold out and move directly to the next price tier. Allow your event team to input a refuse reason manua...
    • Published: 3/29/2022
    • Release Note - March 8th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Re-designed the Self-edit setup page and renamed it as MyEvents self-edit setup. Sharing event information on Facebook. Allow Race Pass owner edit if the Race Pass hasn't been redeemed yet.
    • Published: 3/8/2022
    • Release Note - February 15th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Add a separate waiver reminder for Under 18 registrants. It will be sent to the parents / legal guardians. No need to configure USAT Sanction for Non-participating Team Captain anymore. Allow to edit ...
    • Published: 2/18/2022
    • Release Note - January 18th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Added the feature of copying existing custom registration report across events. Enhanced Credits Balance Detailed Report to include enrolled registration information of each credits balance transactio...
    • Published: 1/18/2022
    • Release Note - January 4th, 2022 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Add the feature to allow issuing a custom fee refund in the order cancellation workflow. Enhanced ledger entries report to clearly list how much was paid by credits balance in an order. Add the featur...
    • Published: 1/4/2022
    • Release Note - December, 7th, 2021 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Enhanced the layout of order transferal checkout page. Enhanced Race Pass owners list page layout. Support HEIF formatted document images.
    • Published: 12/7/2021
    • Release Note - November 16th, 2021 in ACTIVEWorks Endurance
      Custom segment can be downloaded as a report after this release. Enhanced Race Pass view, Race Pass Owners can be viewed in AUI directly. 
    • Published: 11/19/2021
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