Q: If someone transfers their registration to someone else, who receives the rebate? 
A: If participant transferred registration to someone else, NO referral rebate will be applied
Q: If someone is transferred to another category, will they receive rebate?
A: Yes, referral rebate will be applied based on registration fee of the new category

Q: If someone receives a credit applied to their registration, do they received their rebate?
A: Yes, referral rebate will be applied. Rebate is calculated based on registration fee BEFORE credited

Q: If someone’s registration is cancelled do they received the rebate?
A:NO. Cancelled registrants will not receive rebates. But referees who met the rebate rule will still receive rebates

Q: Do prepaid registrations have to be claimed to count toward the rebate?
A: NO. Prepaid will count as referral before claimed registration. Team captain will receive all rebates