A Referral Rebate is an additional discount offered to registered participants. Because it is an additional discount, participants are able to use an additional discount code during check out. 

Note: Referral Rebates are only available to those within our Premium level. This will need to be activated with the multi-person discount tool by your account manager.

Note: If a referral rebate is set as a percentage; the rebate will only apply to the amount paid for registration, not the total registration fee.

Note: If a referral rebate is set as a dollar amount, registrants will not receive a full credit if the discount total (referral rebate amount + discount code amount) is greater than the cost of registration. Registrants will only receive an amount less than or equivalent to the amount they paid for registration.

Note: If a 100% off discount is used for registration, the rebate will not be applied (any percent of 0 is 0, and we do not issue rebate credits)

Note: To create a general discount, please refer to Create Discount Code