Below is the basic Swim Manager process for team registration and online meet entries (OME). Before you can use Swim Manager's OME system, you must set-up your program.

Note: If using Swim Manager to download team registrations into Team Manager for Swimming, you must create your Swim Manager account through Team Manager or products will not link successfully. For steps, see Setup Team Registration Online.

Team Registration
  1. Create Swim Manager account for your organization
    1. (Optional) To invite additional users, see User Administration
  2. Create program
  3. Parents register their swimmers for program
  4. Confirm registrations
    1. View Registrations Report
    2. View Roster Report

Online Meet Entries
Note: For Steps 6, 8, 9, see Online Meet Entries
  1. Add a meet
  2. Setup OME and invite swimmers
  3. Parents enter their swimmers using their Swim Portal
  4. Declare and/or confirm entries
  5. Submit entries
  6. Upload meet results