This guide will help you use Meet Manager and Swim Manager together. Meet Manager is used for setting up your meet and recording results. Swim Manager is an online registration system to help you collect entries for your meets and manage your team.

Meet Manager - Set up Meet
  1. Create meet
    1. Go to File, then Open/New to open or create new database
    2. Enter Meet Set-up information
    3. Enter preferences and settings under Set-up tab
  2. Add events
    1. Go to Events and select Add
    2. Complete Add New Event screen for Event 1, click OK
    3. Repeat a-b until all events added
3. Export Meet Events File to send to SM
  1. Go to File, then Export, then Events for TM
  2. Email Meet Events File to competing teams, or post file to a website for easy access

Swim Manager - Setup Online Meet Entry
  1. Upload Meet
    1. Click on Add a Meet
    2. Click Choose file, select Meet Events File, click Open
    3. Select Program to link meet to
    4. Click Save
      • ​​Note: Related Article Add a Meet
      • Please Also Note:  Meet Events file must have been exported from MM 4 or later, as earlier releases do not include all fields required for OME
  2. Setup Online Meet Entry
    1. Click on the Action Button and select Set up OME 
    2. Select Entry Dates and Meet Entry Method
    3. Click on Add
    4. Select Athletes to Invite and click Save
    5. Click on Invite Athletes
  3. Declare Entries
    1. Click on Action Button and select Entry by Event or Entry by Name
    2. Select the events for the athletes to compete in
    3. Click on Save
    4. Return to Home Page
    5. Click on Action Button and select Create meet entry file
    6. Submit entry file to meet host
Meet Manager - Import Entries
  1. Go to File, then Import, then Entries
Meet Manager - Export Meet Results
  1. Go to File, then Export, then Results for Swim Manager or SWIMS or NCAA or USMS
Swim Manager - Import Meet Results
  1. Under Your meets click on Action Button and select Upload results