In the LeagueOne 9.5 release, schedulers can now create “external” teams (teams that are not created as LeagueOne teams) and use them in a schedule. Below are instructions on how to create an external team after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Schedule > Manage Schedules
2. Select Schedule to add external team
3. Click Teams tab
4. Click Add Teams
5. Select Create an external team for this schedule radio button
User-added image
6. Enter Team Name
7. Click Save
The external team will now appear in the list of teams
User-added image
NOTE: An external team works the same way in the schedule as a LeagueOne team
NOTE: External Teams are only visible in the schedule in which they were created 
NOTE: External teams cannot be used in other schedules

NOTE: External teams are not visible on Maintain Teams page