Some clubs keep the same teams (or substantially the same teams) across seasons. To simplify the administration of this process, LeagueOne provides Prior Team functionality. Here is how it works:

1. Register Players: As players are registered, they are flagged as players that want to return to the same team as last season
a. Manual Registration: The Player Registration page has a drop-down box called "Prior Team Wizard" which contains a list of teams that the player was assigned to in the prior season
i. If a team is selected, the player is eligible for assignment to the prior team
b. Online Registration: During online registration, parents may be asked if they want to return to the same team as last season (this question is configured per program)
i. The parents are shown the team name and coach's name
ii. If the parent chooses YES, the player is eligible for assignment to the prior team
2. Create Teams: When creating teams for a new season using Team Create in Team Builder, you may designate that the team is associated with a team from the prior season
a. This is accomplished by selecting the Prior Team name from the drop-down box next to the Prior Team option
b. The Prior Team drop-down box only contains Prior Teams where one or more players have requested to return to that team
i. It is easy to know which teams to create since the drop-down list contains all of the teams that you need
3. Mass Assign Players: Using Mass Assign in Team Builder, select Assign Prior Team Requests and click Process at the bottom left of the screen
a. The screen will display all players that were assigned (run this step as often as you like)
4. Review Assignments: You can review team assignments by viewing players from the Manual Assign action in Team Builder
a. If you see a "Y" in the "Pr Tm Req" column, the player requested assignment to a prior team
b. If you place your cursor over the "Y" for one second, a hover will appear that will tell you the name of the Prior Team
  • Note: Prior team assignment only occurs when a team exists in the current season that is associated with a team from the prior season. If a player requests assignment to a prior team but the registrar does not create a team that is linked to the players prior team, the assignment can not occur.

It is worth mentioning that Prior Teams are used differently per Governing Body, as well as in the various Independent databases. You may need to adjust the season on the Team you're working on to locate the correct Prior team. You may change this back later, assuming your Governing Body does not restrict such actions.