Below are instructions to email a team using the Send Email button after logging into LeagueOne and viewing a team using Team Maintenance.

1. Go to Teams > Manage Team 
2. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return all teams
3. Within the results displayed, click on a Team Name to view the Team Maintenance screen
Note: The other fields listed are simply for information purposes as many organizations have similar teams separated by age group, division, etc.
4. Check boxes or use the Select All buttons next to Staff and Players
5. Click the Send Email button at the bottom of the screen
6. An overlay appears allowing the following options:
a. Select recipients
b. Send to both guardians
c. Adjust the subject
d. Adjust the message
e. Include attachments

Note: Five files may be attached, with a total size limit of 250KB - to distribute larger files, we recommend linking to a document uploaded to your website
Note: Messages sent using this method are recorded in the Email Archive