On August 25, 2015 LeagueOne was upgraded to Active Passport as its login database. Upgrading LeagueOne accounts to use Active Passport will allow one login email and password to be used for most of Active's products, including LeagueOne, Active.com, ActiveKids, and more! Below are instructions on how to upgrade your account for LeagueOne.
  • Note: All Login IDs will be upgrade to Login Emails
1. Navigate to LeagueOne Administrative system at https://onlinereg.leagueone.com/admin/login.aspx
  • Note: Bookmark this URL to quickly return to it after each session
  • Note: Please review your browser's help center for bookmarking instructions
2. Enter your Login Email or Login ID into the Email address field
3. Enter your Login Password into the Password field
4. Click Log in
5. Under Upgrade your account > Click Upgrade
  • Note: May have to enter active.com email or active.com password to link accounts
  • Note: Click forgot password to receive a password reset for Active.com
  • Note: This is separate from your LeagueOne login account
  • Note: Lands back on LeagueOne Login page
6. Under LeagueOne's Login Page > Enter your Log Email in Email address field
7. Enter your Login Password into Password field
8. Click Log in