You can view your team's attendance history by going to: 

1. Your Team Calendar.
2. Go to the specific Event.
3. Look for Attendance
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This page displays a history of all your events and each player, coach, manager, and parent's attendance.  You can also export this information to a spreadsheet.

The attendance is directly tied to each event you create.  You need to set the event to:
1. Track the attendance. 
2. Invite everyone. 

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There will be an email invite for the event that will be sent to the members of the team. This will appear on the Notifications section of their profile page.

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If they accept the invite, the Attendance Section of the Events Detail page will automatically update to Attending. If they click Decline, it will automatically update the Attendance Section to Not Attending

As an admin, you can also update the attendance manually by clicking on the radio button under Attending/ Not Attending / No Response.