Make it easy for everyone to see your announcements by linking your Facebook page or Twitter accounts with your TeamPages website. Having a linked account will allow you to make a one click announcement posts to all your social media sites.

Note: It is best to create a Facebook Page or Account specifically for your Organization because if not, the page may be associated to your Personal Account. 

In you settings area, go to the social media tab. Click on the image icons and you will be directed to your Facebook or Twitter page. Authorize the app connect it with TeamPages.

To link your Facebook Page/Account to your TeamPages, you can follow these steps: 

  • Click on the Facebook Icon.
  • Log in to your Facebook Page/Account. 
  • The system will then detect the Facebook Page that you created. Just select the page and click on save

User-added image

Fo you to know that you have your Facebook Page Associated to it, you should see the name of your Facebook Page underneath the Facebook and Twitter Icon. 

User-added image

To link Twitter, you need to follow this Steps: 

  • Click on The Twitter Icon.
  • Log in to your Twitter Account/Page.
  • Get the PIN and go back to TeamPages. 
  • Input the Pin. 
  • Select the Twitter Account/Page and click Save.


Once connected, your account will show on the social media settings page.