enables you to search for an event you like with ease. You can do this following the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Input key words in the search bar and event destination in the location bar on the right, click Search
  • Note: Virtual events will appear at the end of the search results. You can add the key word "virtual" if you are looking for a virtual event

3. Filter events with your desired time frame, distance, gender & age range, and interests using the When, Where, Who and What options below the search bar

  • Note: Search results show all future events by default. However you can search for past events using the When filter.
4. You may sort the search results based on relevance, date, distance and most popular at your preference using the Sort by function to the lower-right of the filter options

5. Click an event you are interested in from the search results to view details and register

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