Once the schedule for a league has been generated, it can only be viewed by the league coordinator. This allows the coordinator to review the schedule and make any necessary changes. To make the schedule available to captains and players the schedule will need to be published. Follow the steps below to publish your league’s schedule:

Note: Please make sure the Scheduler Settings at the League Level and Flight Level are entered. These settings are required in order to publish your schedule

Note: There is no publish all button, each flight needs to be published individually
  1. Navigate to League Scheduler page
  2. Click Match Listings
  3. Under Select Flight/Sub-Flight, select desired flight
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  1. Click Publish Schedule
  2. Repeat steps 3 & 4 for all flights
    • Note: Once the schedule is published it is available to captains and players. The schedule has to be published in order for captains to view and enter in scores for the matches