Active Advantage Membership is offered after the online registration of the organization. See How Active Advantage Registration is displayed as seen by the registrant.
Before the Registrant becomes a member, the registrant needs to:
  1. Tick the box that they Understand and Agree on the terms of the membership
  2. Re-enter the registrant's email address for verification
  3. Click the Join button to accept the membership
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The Active Advantage Membership starts as a 30-day free trial. At the the end of the 30-day trial period, if the customer will not opt out the trial membership it will automatically extend to an annual membership for a fee of $89.95.
Note: Email Notifications will be sent to the customer before the customer is charged and on the day that the customer will be charged.

If the customer decides to cancel the Active Advantage Membership and refund the annual fee, the customer can reach out to
Note: To know more about the deals and benefits of Active Advantage benefits, visit