If you're unable to cancel/edit a registered program, it's most likely because the customer has a pending e-Check payment. Until the eCheck clears, you will not be able to make any edits or cancel the order. 

Below is additional information on how eChecks function and how it relates to registrations.
  • eChecks take 3-10 business daysto process depending on customer's financial institution.
  • When there is more than one registration on the order and customer makes an eCheck payment towards only one registration, then both registrations cannot be edited until payment has processed.
    • Note: Registration edits are located in the Actions drop down box under Current State of This Order
  • If the customer uses eCheck for their payment plan it will still take 3-10 business days. In result, the payment plan will state past due until the payment has processed. However, the payment plan will still be active and will bill the customer the following month.
    • Note: To verify eCheck payments contact Tech Support
If you want to set up eCheck for your organization, please see: eChecks as a Payment Type

Note: In addition to a pending e-Check payment, a pending chargeback can prevent you from canceling/editing a registered program as well, please click Customer Credit Card Chargeback FAQ for more information