What is Queue-It?

Queue-It is a service that creates a virtual lineup when there is a heavy amount of traffic on your website. Your end-users will see the queue page whenever the capacity threshold is exceeded.

Why do we use Queue-It?

Without it, heavy traffic on your site can cause instability and crashes during your most important time period (rush registrations) leading to users being frustrated.

User Experience

During a rush registration event, the typical end-user experience will be similar to the screenshot below. When a user gets this page they receive a place in line and will be served as soon as a spot opens up so they can proceed to register.
User-added image

Key Benefits

  • End-users will understand the situation and feel that everything is under control
  • End-users will understand the queue / line concept and feel that they are treated in a fair way
  • End-users will see their progress and estimated waiting time, and they can then make a qualified decision to continue waiting or not — hence not wasting their time