Merchandise that is sold through the Camps and Class Manager system can be viewed via the Financial Reporting, Custom Reports, as well as when viewing the Merchandise purchase report under each season. 

To view Merchandise purchase:
  1. Click Report under desired season name
  2. Click Merchandise purchase report in the report list 
  3. (Optional) Select View by 
  4. Select name of Merchandise item from Merchandise 
  5. (Optional) Click Edit next to Session to filter sessions 
  6. (Optional) Click Edit filter criteria or Customize to filter Date of purchase time range
  7. (Optional) Click Export report or Share to export or share the report
  • Note: This report only display the amount of merchandise items sold, if you need to registrants who have purchased merchandise items, please create a custom report under desired season. To create custom report under season, please see below articles: