To create a custom report:
  1. From Home page, select Reports under desired season
  2. Click New custom report blue button
  3. (Optional)Select Season 
  4. Select Customize grey button
  5. Select Edit Columns
    • Note: Choose columns pop-up will appear with 2 lists. Left list includes all fields not currently in report. Right list include fields that are in report.
  6. Select check-boxes of desired fields under Available columns on left
  7. Click right arrow in middle of columns to move desired fields to Selected columns on right
  8. (Optional) Select checkboxes next to undesired fields on right under Selected columns then click left arrow in middle of columns to remove them from report
  9. Select Save
  10. (Optional) To edit sessions included:
    1. Beside All sessions, select Edit in blue
    2. Select checkboxes beside desired sessions
    3. Select Save
      • Note: Sessions included is not saved, and must be re-loaded each time running the report
  11. (Optional) To filter down report:
    1. Beside No filters set, select Edit filter criteria in blue
    2. Select checkboxes next to desired filters
    3. Fill out boxes as prompted
    4. Select Set Filter
  12. (Optional) To group report:
    1. Click Customize grey button
    2. Select Group records
    3. Click Group by dropdown
    4. Select desired criteria
    5. Click Group records
  13. (Optional) To export report:
    1. Click Export report grey button
    2. Select either Export to Excel or Export to HTML
    3. File will be sent to computer to open
  14. Click Save report
  15. Input Name
  16. Select Save
Note: You can also copy this report to others seasons by checking other seasons in the season filter.
Custom reports appear in the list of reports on the main page of the reports tab. 
Note: If you cannot export custom report, please see this article: Cannot Export Reports