A report label is used to identify a question and how it appears in a report's column header. A very long question can be shortened to a few words in the report label so that when the entire question is not a column header in a report.

For example, if the question is: "Please list any medication that your child is currently taking. Include medication name, dosage, and frequency."
Use: Medication

To create a report label:
  1. Click Home tab
  2. Click Reports beneath season
  3. Select custom report or click New custom report
  4. Under Customize, choose Edit Columns
  5. Select checkbox from right-side column
  6. Edit Column label field
  7. Save

When the report is later downloaded, the column header will appear as "Medication" instead of the entire question.
The report label is created while creating a custom question on your form using the following article: Creating Custom Questions