A Group capacity report displays the season’s session capacity information with group assignments and group capacity information. 

To run the Group capacity report, please follow steps below:
  1. At home page, click Reports under desired season
  2. Click Group capacity report
  3. Search for and select desired sessions to view by clicking pencil icon next to Session
  4. Search for and select group assignments to view by clicking pencil icon next to Group assignments
  5. Check Show upcoming sessions only checkbox to only display sessions with session start dates later than the current date
  6. Check Show sessions with spots remaining only checkbox to only display sessions with open spots
  7. Click Export to download the Group capacity report with the selected criteria
Report columns' explanation: 
  • Session & Assignment: Session and group names
  • Location: Session and group location
  • Date: Session open - close dates
  • Gender: Participant gender restriction
  • Age: Participant age restriction
  • Grade: Participant grade restriction
  • Status: Session registration status: internal, open or closed
  • Waitlist: Current number of waitlist registrations
  • Assigned spots: Current number of registrations in this session that are assigned to this subgroup
  • Filled spots: Number of all registrations in this season that are assigned to this subgroup (displayed as: filled spots/subgroup capacity)
  • Open spots: Available spots in a session or group
  • Percent full: Percentage of spots filled
Note: If some sessions are restricted from an agency user, then these sessions are NOT visible to the user. To configure seasons/session user restrictions, please refer to Editing System User Details
Note: To understand Group Assignment, please refer to Group Assignment Tool : What Is It?
Note: To create or edit group assignment, please refer to this article: Create Group Assignments