It is a way to organize session participants into the groups they will be in while participating in your activities. A group assignment is made for a set of sessions (or just a single session) within a season, and a set of groups that you create and give a name to. In addition you can designate a group assignment as being of a certain type.

For instance, maybe there are two sessions of an activity that take place the same week at the same location, and who will all share the same cabins, but they will be broken into teams only with other participants in the same session.

To group the full set of participants into cabins you can create a group assignment that includes both sessions that you designate as a cabin assignment, and for which you create (or reuse) a set of cabins for participants to be grouped into.

For teams, meanwhile, you can create a different team assignment for each of the two sessions that includes only one session, and for which you create a set of teams. Each of these team group assignments will now be only for participants in each individual session.

For each group assignment, once the participants in the session or sessions have been assigned to their cabin or team, the assignment can be printed in reports and will show up in each participant’s registration summary and registration summary report record.

Note: To create or edit group assignment, please refer to this article: Create Group Assignments 
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