The Donation summary screen contains the following fields:
  1. Number of donations collected
  2. Amount donated
  3. Processing fee
  4. Total

Click View full report to access a detailed view of the donations made during the time period in question - the following fields are included on the Donation report:
  1. Date
  2. Donation amount
  3. Remittance amount
  4. Donated to
  5. Check number
  6. Event name
  7. Event ID
  8. Fundraiser ID
  9. Fundraiser page URL
  10. Donor name
  11. Email address (Donor)
  12. Address (Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country)

To export this report to use in another program, click the CSVXLS, or PDF hyperlinks.

  • Note: The donation report only shows donation details (not fundraising information) - for security reasons, fundraiser information is not accessible to charity organizations unless the administrators also host the event in question