At the top of the Event Dashboard,
  • agency users with the Event financial reports permission can see the event's Gross sales.
  • agency users with the View participant data permission can see the event's total number of Registrations

Note: The total number in Registrations widget:
           -Includes: Confirmed, pending on payment(payment plan registrations),  Express registrations (no matter the user had only paid the registration or had already completed the registration form, it's only count once.), Pre-paid registrations (if a registrant pre-paid 10 slots, then count as 10 pre-paid registrations).
          -Excludes: Chance entry, Non-participating team captain, Cancelled, Transferred.

Note: The percentage change and trend arrow between the current values and those from 7 days ago will show up on both components.

Note: Both components are fixed at the top of the dashboard and cannot be manually moved or hidden. It's automatically hidden from agency users without the require permission.