The primary language (also known as event locale) determines the displaying language and formats in your event online registration form, such as number, date and time, currency, and mailing address. By default, primary language is established during Event Setup > Event details (step 1). This selection decides the language and formatting standard for your application user interface.

Note: Change user locale by clicking the globe icon language-globe (top right)

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In the event setup wizard, instructions for creating the event are displayed in user locale, while values that will appear on the online registration form are displayed in primary language.
  1. Registration category and price type
  2. Sport type, distance options, and display name default values
  3. Price category values
  4. Form builder question label and question default values
  5. Date and mailing address formats
  6. Additional purchase item label and size options
  7. Confirmation email standard email message and subject
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