Below are instructions to set up basic event details during new event creation:
  1. Select Event type
  • Endurance event
  • Concert
  • Gala
  • Festival
  1. Enter Event name that will be visible to customers         ​
  2. Create or select a Location
  3. Select Event date(s)
    1. Click first calendar icon to select start date
    2. (Optional) Click second calendar icon to select end date if event spans more than one day
  4. Select Primary language
  5. (Optional) Enable Include VAT/GST in prices 
User-added image
  • This is a premium-tier feature, please contact your account manager to enable it. If you don't know who is your account manager, please contact support team via
  • With the VAT/GST pricing feature enabled, you can configure registration prices and merchandise prices to display VAT/GST-inclusive prices
  • Once the feature is enabled, it cannot be disabled. You can hide the VAT/GST by setting a 0% VAT/GST percentage
  1. Select Payment Information
  2. Click Save & continue to proceed