Below are basic instructions to create a new event in ACTIVEWorks Endurance. This article links to the pieces of event setup outlined in the Get Started chapter of the Product Library. For more specific information about each step, review the Event Setup chapter
  1. Ensure Organization is set up: Set Up New Organization
  2. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click Create an event under Actions 
  3. Create your event:
    1. Add Event Details
    2. Add Event Restrictions
    3. Create New Registration Categories
  4. Customize your event:
    1. Set Up Self-Registration Teams (Step 4)
    2. Enable Participant Self-edit options for MyEvents (Step 5)
    3. Prepare Additional Purchases (Step 8)
    4. Add and Review Waiver (Step 9)
  5. Open registration:
    1. Configure Emails Sent Out
    2. Create Listing (Step 11)
    3. Activate Event
Note: if you are going to repeat a past event, you may copy a past event to create a new one.