You can configure an event to offer one or more payment plans to participants during registration. Please follow the instructions below to create payment plans:

  1. Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance and choose your event
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Payments and installments

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  • Note: If you cannot see this option, contact your Account Manager to activate it
  1. Click Create payment plan
  2. Fill in details of payment plan

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  • Plan name
  • Available date range: 
    • Note: The available from date must be earlier than the event start date, configured in Step 1
    • Note: In the registration workflow, a payment plan is only displayed and available to a participant if the current date is within the configured Available date range
  • (Optional) Deposit: Set to charge deposit on percentage or fixed amount
  • Installments: Select Monthly/Weekly/On custom dates for Charge installment
  • (Optional) Check Edit installments to customize installment amounts (see Customize Payment Plan Installments Amounts)
  • Set installment dates when each payment will be automatically charged
  • Start/End on
    • Note: All installment dates must be earlier than the event start date, configured in Step 1
    • Note: All installment dates must be later than the available from date
    • Note: This option won't be available if "On custom dates" is selected for Charge installment
  1. Click Save
  2. Click Add category
  3. Select desired category
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Save & continue

Additional Notes:
  • Changes made to Payment Plans will only affect new payment plan registrants.
    • Registrants already enrolled in the payment plan prior to a change are not affected and will continue to be charged according to the installment schedule configured and chosen when initially registered. 
  • Failed Payments
    • If the participant's initial deposit payment or subsequent payments fail, they will automatically receive a "Failed Payment Planl" email so that they can update their card details via MyEvents
  • Participants can update their card details used for payment via MyEvents
  • Enabled at the agency level, by an Active Admin
  • Payment plan is configured in "Step 4" of event setup
  • Multiple payment plans can be created for an event
  • Currently only one payment plan can be associated with a price type
  • A registration status is "pending" until a payment plan is completed
  • You cannot take action on a registration that is "pending"
  • Participant can view installments via MyEvents
  • Participant can make next payment, or pay in full via MyEvents
  • Order Receipts are sent per installment
  • Registration ID and QR code are not generated until payment is complete
  • Registration Confirmation email is not sent until payment is complete
  • Payment plans are not supported in Express Checkout
  • All installments must have due dates earlier than the event start date