Increase affordability by offering a flexible payment option - all while boosting your sales. 'Buy Now, Pay Later" options are wildly popular with buyers and also a great way to increase revenue. Best of all registrants are not Confirmed until their plan is paid in full. 

Our customizable Payment Plan feature allows your event to:

reach and empower a wider audience to register - connect with younger participants and families through increased affordability.

decrease cart abandonment - while there are many reasons a registrant may abandon their cart, some people do because of financial issues.

increase cart value - through the added purchasing power registrants are more likely to add items like event merchandise or additional special event experiences you offer.


  • Registrants are not Confirmed until payment plan is paid in full.
  • Create your own installment plans. Payments are automatically processed according to the plan chosen.
  • Ability to charge Deposit, % or flat fee.
  • Completely participant self-managed through MyEvents.
  • Elite tier feature.

Getting Started

Participant Payment Plan Management