Your event listing is created using your event setup details and step 11. After you activate your event in step 12, the public will be able to search for your event on or Google and choose to register.

Below are instructions to manage the listing for your event. You can also use our Event Listing User Guide to read more about our best practices: Create Outstanding Event Listings
  1. From your ACTIVEWorks Endurance event, go to Step 11, Listing
  2. Click Add logo to include a custom image
    1. Within Edit logo image window, click Choose file
    2. Click OK
      • Note: Image must be JPG, PNG or GIF, less than 1MB
  3. Enter an Event website URL if your event has an external website or Facebook page
  4. Enter Event description 
  5. Enter Event details and schedule
  6. Under Add a photo gallery, click Choose file to upload up to 10 photos
    • Note: Each image must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF, and less than 2 MB
  7. Under Add a video, add a Youtube video
  8. Update Settings
    1. Select Yes to Make your registration list publicly searchable on
    2. Check boxes for any relevant keywords to best describe your event
    • Note: Selecting Kids keyword, your event will be published to as well as
  9. Click Save & continue